3004 Bowman-Oddy Laboratories
University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Department Info:

University of Toledo
Dept. of Environmental Sciences
2801 Bancroft Street,
Mail Stop 604
Toledo, OH 43606
Tel: (419) 530-2009
Fax: (419) 530-4421

Who we are:

ESRL, or the Environmental Remote Sensing Lab is a research group located in the Bowman-Oddy building at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio. ESRL is headed by Dr. Richard Becker who is an Assistant Professor of Geology at UT.

What we are about:

At the Environmental Remote Sensing Lab, we undertake research which incorporates an interdisciplinary research approach (remote sensing, geochemistry, hydrologic modeling, and field techniques) to investigate a wide range of geological and environmental problems including the assessment of responses of natural systems to climatic and human activities.

Of particular interest are remote sensing hydrology and hydrologic modeling in response to climate change, surface change from radar interferometry, and aquatic and terrestrial vegetation change mapping.

Types of research we do:

Great Lakes:

Egypt, the Nile and the Aswan High Dam:

We utilize a wide variety of remote sensing and GIS techniques to investigate water resources and the impacts that human use may have on them.

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