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Ricky Becker


Richard H. Becker (Ricky)

Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Toledo
2801 W Bancroft Ave, MS #604, Toledo, OH 43606
(419) 530 4571



2008                Ph.D. in Geosciences from Western Michigan University
Dissertation: Remote Sensing Studies for the Assessment of Geohazards: Toxic Algal Blooms in the Lower Great Lakes, and Land Subsidence in the Nile Delta.
1994                A.M. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis
Thesis: Construction of regional scale digital Landsat Thematic Mapper mosaics, and applications for regional mapping and plate reconstructions in the Red Sea area.
1991                A.B. in Germanic Languages and Literature from Washington University in St. Louis



2014 –              Associate Professor – University of Toledo, Department of Environmental Sciences
2008 – 2014            Assistant Professor – University of Toledo, Department of Environmental Sciences
2004 – 2008    Principal Research Associate – Western Michigan University, Earth Sciences Remote Sensing (ESRS) Facility, Geosciences Department
2002 – 2004    Senior Research Scientist –University at Buffalo, ESRS Facility
2003            Adjunct Instructor – University at Buffalo, Geology Department
1996 – 2002    Scientific Associate - Geologic Data Visualization, Computer Support and Risk Assessment, Argonne National Lab
1995 – 1996    Research Scientist/Computer Specialist - Washington University, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPSc)
1990 – 1994    Research Assistant - Washington University, EPSc, Remote Sensing Lab
1992 – 1994    Teaching Assistant - Washington University, EPSc


Research Support (External):

10/2017 – 9/2019, Lekki, J., Ortiz, J., Schuchman, R., Liu, H., Becker, R., Sayers, M., Beck, R., Shiller, S., Vander Woude, A., Remote Sensing Research for Harmful Algal Blooms in Inland Waters, NASA

7/2017 – 6/2018 Qian, S. Gottgens, H, Becker, R., Establishing Ecological Criteria and Thresholds for Monitoring Hydrologic Impacts on Old Woman Creek Wetland Functions, ODNR

7/2017 – 6/2018 Mayer, C., Qian, S., Becker, R., Bossenbroek, J., Building Resilient Shorelines, Phase III, ODNR

3/2016-2/2018 Bridgeman, T. (PI), CoIs: Becker, R., Bullerjahn, G. (BGSU), McKay, R.M.(BGSU), Shepherd, A. (Sinclair State), HAB Avoidance: Vertical movement of HABs in Lake Erie, ODHE.

3/2016-2/2018 Martin, Jay (PI, OSU), CoIs: Becker, R., Confesor, R. (Heidelberg), Nedunuri, K. (Central State), Redder, T. (Limnotech), Robertson, D. (USGS), Scavia, D. (UM), How quickly can target phosphorus reductions be met? Robust predictions from multiple watershed and lake models, ODHE.

1/2015 – 12/2016 Bridgeman, T., Becker, R., HAB Early Warning System for Ohio Water Utilities, OBOR

7/2015 – 12/2018 Becker, R., Atmospheric Modeling for GRC HSI Imager, NASA GRC

7/1/14 – 12/1/15          Becker, R., (PI), Co-I: Bridgeman, T., HICO Mapping of Harmful Algal Blooms, Center for Advancement of Science in Space/NASA

12/2013 – 1/2016        Hesse, G. (Lake Erie Commission, PI), Co-Is: Becker, R., Bridgeman, T., Qian, S., Mayer, C., Seo, Y. (UT), Chaffin, J., Reutter, J., (OSU), Kriger, K., Confesor, R., Richards, P., Johnson, L. (Heidelberg U.), Matisoff (CWRU),   Assessment of Nutrient/Eutrophication Dynamics in Western Lake Erie, EPA

7/2012 – 7/2013        Becker, R. UT, (PI), Early season satellite monitoring of incipient HAB blooms in Lake Erie, NOAA/CILER

8/2011 – 7/2012          Becker, R., (PI), Mapping Buckthorn Distribution in the Oak Openings. Lake Erie Protection Fund

8/2011 – 8/2013          Sultan, M, (PI, WMU), Sherif (NARS, Egyptian PI) , Becker, R., (Co-PI) -– Evaluating Subsidence in the Nile Delta Using Radar Interferomety, NSF

8/2011 – 8/2013          Sultan, M., (PI, WMU) Becker, R. Detailed Studies on Landslides in Jazan Area, Saudi Arabia: Remote Sensing and GIS Applications, Saudi Geological Survey

2011 – 2013          Becker, R., (PI), Landslide Studies in the Red Sea Hills of Saudi Arabia European Space Agency, Cat-1 Data support.

2010 – 2013          Becker, R., (Co-PI) – Stepien, PI, Co-Is: Chen, Czajkowski, Bridgeman, - Environmental Sensor System for the Lake Erie Center, NSF

2010 – 2013          Becker, R., (Co-PI), Chen (PI), Gottgens, Czajkowski (Co-PIs) Lake Erie Hydrological and Climate Modeling, NOAA

2010 – 2012    Becker, R. (Co-I), Lis, J (PI, Cayahoga County BOH), Co-Is: Sigler (UT), Holistic Watershed Approach to Health at Huntington Beach USEPA

2010 – 2013         Becker, R. (Co-PI), Czajkowski, K., PI, Co-Is: Bjorkman, Khare, Megeath, Weintraub, Egan, Lawrence, Nemeth, Apul, Hedley, Mentzer, Climate Change Education: Engaging Teachers and Students and Correcting Misconceptions Using NASA Data, NASA

2010 – 2013          Becker, R., (Co-PI), Stepien, PI, Gruden, Bridgeman, Fisher (Co-PI), Teaching Fellows in STEM High School Education: An Environmental Science Learning Community at the Land-Lake Ecosystem Interface

2008 – 2010   Becker, R., (PI), Remote Sensing of Environmental Hazards: Nile Delta Subsidence, US-Egypt Science and Technology Program, USAID

2007 – 2008    Becker, R., (PI), Assessment of Subsidence in the Nile Delta Using Radar Interferometry, European Space Agency, In-Kind Contribution

2007                Becker, R., (Co-PI), Sultan, M. (PI, WMU) Environmental Remote Sensing Applications in Kuwait, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

2005                Becker, R., (PI) Assessment, Monitoring, and Modeling of Changes in Land Use and Land Cover and Their Impacts on the Nubian Aquifer, Saharan Africa, subcontract from NASA through UB

2004 – 2005    Becker, R., (Co-I), Sultan, M, (PI, University at Buffalo) Integrated Hydrology of the Nubian Aquifer: Evidence from Radar and SRTM Data, European Space Agency, In-Kind Contribution

Research Support (Internal):

2011         Becker, R., (PI), Algorithm Development for Satellite Remote Sensing of Cyanobacteria, Chlorophyll-a and Phosphorous, SBIR Phase 0 funding

2009                Becker, R., (PI), Effects of Indian Ocean Temperature on Nile River Flow Volumes, University of Toledo, URAF

2007                Becker, R., (PI) Satellite Assessment of Toxic Algal Blooms in the Lower Great Lakes, March 2007, WMU Graduate Research Student Fund

2006 – 2007    Becker, R., (PI) Assessment of Subsidence in the Nile Delta Using Radar Interferometric Techniques, November 2006, WMU Graduate Research Student Fund


Awards and Scholarships:

2008                UT Faculty Development Travel Grant
2008                WMU Research Day Research and Creative Activities Award
2007 – 2008    Gwen Frostic Doctoral Fellow
2007                Geosciences Department Kuenzi Award
2006                Western Michigan University All-University Research and Creative Scholar Award
2006                Geosciences Department Research and Creative Scholar Award
2005                American Geophysical Union (AGU) Outstanding Student Paper Award
1990 – 1991    Saint Michael and Saint George Scholarship
1988 – 1990    Washington University: Caldwell Brothers Engineering Scholarship

Graduate Student Advising:

Students Advised:

Committee Member:


Courses Taught:

University of Toledo:

EEES 1050: Geological Hazards and the Environment Spring 2010,11,12,13
EEES 2100: Fundamentals of Geology Spring 2009, Fall 2009,2010,11,12,13
EEES 4490/5490/GEPL4490/5490: Remote Sensing of the Environment Fall 2010,2012
EEES 6980: Environmental Applications of GIS Fall 2009,2011,13
Co-instructor for EEES 6650/8650: Statistical Modeling for Environmental Sciences Spring 2009,2010,2011
Supervisor for EEES 1020: Geology Lab Summer 2009 - Summer 2012

University at Buffalo:

Geology 560: GIS for Geoscientists Fall 2003

Short Courses Taught:

2004    GIS for Geologists: Cairo University, Egypt, Oct
2004    Using ENVI and PCI for Geological Remote Sensing: Cairo University, Egypt, Oct
2004    Using ENVI for Geological Remote Sensing: Cairo University, Egypt, May
1994    Remote Sensing Using PCI: Cairo University, Fall
1994    Using ERDAS for Remote Sensing: Egyptian Geological Survey, Fall

Teaching Assistant for Courses:

1992 – 1994    Washington University: Environmental Geology, Biostratigraphy and Sedimentation, Hydrology, Earth System Sciences


Software Copyright:

2002                Automated cross section generation program for Quick Site program, incorporating multiple styles of electronic and lithologic logs

Software Patent:

2007                Remote Sensing Data Extraction Model (RESDEM) (Provisional)

Invited Talks:

2010 Lake Erie from space: environmental parameters and harmful algal blooms, Lake Erie Center Public Talk Series. Feb 18, 2010, Toledo, OH.

2009    Land Subsidence in the Nile Delta, American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Eastern Great Lakes Regional Meeting, Feb 27, 2009, Toledo OH

2007    Mapping Harmful Algal Blooms in the Great Lakes Using Satellite Data, Physics Department Colloquium, Marquette University, Mar 1, 2007, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2005    Remote Sensing of the Lower Great Lakes, Lake Ontario Lower Food Web Assessment (LOLA) program workshop, November 16th – 17th, 2005, Cornell University Biological Field Station



Abstracts for Presentations at Professional Meetings


Contributing author to 36 Quicksite Expedited Site Characterization Environmental Site Characterization Work Plans and Reports for site characterization and remediation activities in the U.S. Midwest and West from 1997-2002.

Professional Memberships:

2002 –             American Geophysical Union
2003 –             Geological Society of America
2004 –             IEEE - Geophysics and Remote Sensing Society
2007 –             American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
2007 –             American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
2007 – 2008    American Association of Geographers
2012 - AAPG


Journal Reviews for:

Hydrogeology Journal, Remote Sensing of the Environment, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Applied Geography, Earth Interactions, Marine and Petroleum Geology,  Journal of Plant Ecology, Wetlands Ecology and Management, Water Research, Journal of Great Lakes Research, Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology

Proposal Reviews for:

2009                US DOE
2011,12                NASA


2012 – Student AAPG Chapter Faculty Mentor
2011 – 2012    UT DES Ad Hoc Core Course Committee
2011 – 2012    UT DES Faculty Search Committee
2010 –             UT DES Ad Hoc New Faculty Committee
2009 –             UT DES Undergraduate Advisor
2009 –             UT DES Computer Committee
2008 – 2009    UT DES Graduate Recruitment Committee
2008 –             UT DES Undergraduate Recruitment Committee
2008 – 2009    UT DES Environmental Sciences PhD Committee
2009 –             UT Lake Erie Center Internal Science Advisory Board Member
2008 – 2009    IAGLR 2009 Meeting Publication Committee, Design Committee, AV Committee
2008, 2009      Sigma Xi Research Presentation Faculty Moderator
2012 –             Boy Scout Merit Badge Councilor (Geology, Env. Sciences, Oceanography)
2011                Lucas County Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee member
2008 – 2009    IAGLR 2009 Meeting Publication Committee, Design Committee, AV Committee
2007 – 2008    WMU Geosciences Advisory Council Graduate Student Representative
2004 – 2008    WMU Geosciences Department Computer Committee
2004 – 2008    WMU Geosciences Department Space Utilization Committee
2004 – 2006    WMU Geosciences Department Website
2002 – 2004    Science Olympiad Remote Sensing Examiner Western New York
1993 – 1994    University City Elementary School Science Fair Judge