3004 Bowman-Oddy Laboratories
University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Department Info:

University of Toledo
Dept. of Environmental Sciences
2801 Bancroft Street,
Mail Stop 604
Toledo, OH 43606
Tel: (419) 530-2009
Fax: (419) 530-4421

The Environmental Remote Sensing lab has a state of the art facility for remote sensing and environmental modeling.

Computer Facilities:

Computer facilities are located in the recently renovated Center for Biosphere Restoration and Research, and include an research lab with both Linux and Windows based workstations with >12Tb of storage capacity.

A Contex 42” large format scanner allows for input of hard copy data.
A Wacom cintiq on screen digitzing tablet is available for on tablet digitizing.

Software available includes

    UAS capabilities are listed on the UAS research page


In the field and lab, an ASD VIS/NIR hyperspectral field spectrometer is used to collect spectra at sampling locations and in the lab. Optics are available for both land and water aquisition.

A Wetlabs AC-s hyperspectral absorption spectrometer is used to measure in-water inherent optical properties.