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Fundamentals of Geology
EEES 2100-001, Fall
Dr. Richard Becker
Office: BO 3007E, Lab BO3004

Meets: Tu, Th 8:00-9:50
BO 1006 or BO 1010 as announced
Office Hours: Tu 10:00-12:00, Wed, 1:00-4:00, or by appointment

In this course you will learn about the Earth’s materials and what makes it up, the Earth’s processes, and Earth’s history. You will have the opportunity to do this through readings, lectures, computer labs, and hands on exercises. You will be able to demonstrate your understanding through web based assignments, computer labs, field trips, in class discussions and exams.
By the end of the course you should be able to explain

Required Texts Earth

Field Trips:
Geology is a subject that is best learned through a combination of methods, including field excursions to see the rocks, processes and environments that are discussed in class. There 2 field trips scheduled for this class. The first (Oct 5-7) will be to locations in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Participation on this trip is a mandatory part of the class. The second field trip in November is to Fossil Pak in Sylvania, and is optional.

EEES 1020: Lab Course
Please be aware that there is a lab course EEES 1202: Physical Geology Lab which gives further hands on experience. Though not required, this 1 credit course helps in understanding many of the concepts taught in this class, and many students find it helpful to take during the same semester as EEES 2100.

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