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Geopulse seismic data from Sinepuxent Bay --  right click and Save As to download

Pliocene Mollusk Specimens -- View images

Honeycutt & Krantz JCR 2003  (34 MB PDF file;  right click to download)
  Honeycutt, M.G. and Krantz, D.E.  2003.  Influence of the geologic framework on spatial variability in long-term shoreline change, Cape Henlopen to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue 38: 147-167.

Proposal to study and model the hydrology of Indian River Bay, Delaware.
Funded by NSF, June 2009.     Right click here to download the PDF file.

Report to the National Park Service to accompany the recently completed Hydrogeomorphic Map for Assateague Island National Seashore.
    Report text  (Word document)
    Report figures (PDF file)

Final draft of chapter of book on Maryland Coastal Bays (by Univ. of Maryland)
    Dynamic Systems at the Land-Sea Interface (PDF file)
        by David Krantz, Courtney Schupp, Chris Spaur, 
            Jane Thomas & Darlene Wells

The book, Shifting Sands: Environmental and Cultural Change in Maryland's Coastal Bays,
was published in June 2009 and is available for purchase at the IAN website:

Bratton et al. 2004 (PDF file)
     Bratton, J.F., Böhlke, J.K., Manheim, F.T., and Krantz, D.E.  2004. 
       Geochemistry of pore fluids and discharge of submarine ground water in 
        Delmarva Peninsula coastal bays. Ground Water, Oceans Issue, 42: 1021-1034.

Krantz et al. 2004 (PDF file)
    Krantz, D.E., Manheim, F.T., Bratton, J.F., and Phelan, D.J. 
      Hydrogeologic setting and ground-water flow beneath a section of Indian River Bay, Delaware. 
      Ground Water, 42: 1035-1051.

Manheim et al. 2004 (PDF file)
    Manheim, F.T., Krantz, D.E., and Bratton, J.F.  2004. 
      Investigations of submarine ground-water discharge in Delmarva coastal bays by horizontal
        resistivity surveying and ancillary techniques. 
Ground Water, 42: 1052-1068.  

Assateague Atlantic Shoreface Atlas

    If you would like a copy of the entire atlas on CD, please send a request 
        by email: 

    Also, you may want to look at an exercise for a Stratigraphy class that I developed 
        using this set of seismic lines.  It is posted as a Contributed Activity for the
        workshop, Teaching Sedimentary Geology in the 21st Century :


        To go directly to my activity:

Image of the Wallops paleovalley(s)
Seismic line AI-05.05a (jpg)
        View is N on the left, S on the right; vertical tics are 5 m; horizontal tics 200 m
    Map of seismic lines in the Chincoteague Bight