Ocean City Tide Records
  NOAA Tide Gauge Station 8570283, Ocean City Inlet, Maryland

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Daily high and low observed data compared with predicted tide height
  Datum is mean low water (MLW)
  Heights in meters
  Green symbols are deviation (+) or (-) from predicted tide height

Tide records from the active tide gauge at the inlet (since 1997) are shown below.  
    However, after looking at these records, compare them with older records from the 
      Ocean City Fishing Pier (records shown from 1990-1991)

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1997  Oct-Dec

1998  Jan-Mar

1998  Apr-Jun

1998  Jul-Sep

1998  Oct-Dec

1999  Jan-Mar

2002  Jul-Sep

2002  Oct-Dec

2003  Jan-Mar

2003  Apr-Jun

2003  Jul-Sep

2003  Oct-Dec