People normally become members of both the national Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) and the Toledo Society, which is the local chapter of the AIA. As a member of the national AIA, you will receive (1) the AIA newsletter, (2) information on AIA tours to and volunteer excavation opportunities for archaeological sites in countries around the world, (3) a registration discount for the annual national meetings where scholars present the results of their archaeological research, and (4) depending on the membership category, either ‘Archaeology Magazine’ (with popular articles) or the ‘American Journal of Archaeology’ (with scholarly papers). Members of the Toledo Society additionally (5) receive advance notices of all local lectures, (6) may join speakers for a pre-lecture supper, and (7) may attend members-only events such as the annual combined open business meeting and potluck supper, and guided fieldtrips to area museums.




The membership categories and costs are provided on the membership application form (click here to view the form). To join, just print out the form, fill in the requested information, and send it along with your check to the person and address indicated on the form.

AIA-Toledo Society members-only trip to the Kelsey Museum of

Archaeology in Ann Arbor, MI on Nov. 14, 2009.