Stranahan Elementary GPR

Figure 13: GPR profile of the Stranahan Elementary School athletic fields (Figure 5) reveal no evidence of beach faces.  Reflections dip at various angles (mostly low angles) in various directions, consistent with the geomorphic interpretation that this feature is a delta.  Reflections marked in blue are interpreted as a channel.

Figure 14: GPR profile on Stranahan Elementary School athletic field (Figure 5) along a different bearing shows none of the shoreface features seen on Kitty Todd profiles (Figures 9 and 11).


 Figure 15: Students operating GPR on Stranahan Elementary School softball diamond.  Student trailing antenna carrier is keeping fiber optics cables from twisting or getting kinks.


Figure 16: batteries, electronic control module and laptop computer are kept out of reflection range in a fiberglass cart trailing the team shown in Figure 15, about 20 meters behind the antennae.



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