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Summer's coming and what are you going to do? Mow the lawn? Flip burgers? Wash the dog? How about building your resume by getting paid to do research? Spend your summer doing real research at the University of Toledo, and get paid. A limited number of students are chosen each year to work side by side with professors, graduate students and researchers in a variety of environmental disciplines (biology, ecology, geology, geography, environmental science). You will combine work in the field collecting samples, lab work analyzing those samples, and then in one of the many computer labs analyzing your data. In addition, we enhance your nine weeks with numerous field trips and social activities in and around the local area. Make new friends and important life-long contacts summer of 2009.
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Alison Spongberg
University of Toledo MS 604

Toledo, OH 43607

Faculty Mentors
Professor Department Research Interest
John Bossenbroek EEES Yellow Perch Foraging Study; The Invasion of the Emerald Ash Borer
Tom Bridgeman EEES Monitor water quality in western Lake Erie and an ecological study of harmful algal blooms in Maumee Bay
Kevin Czajkowski GEPL GIS and Remote Sensing for the 1) Maumee River Watershed and 2) Biosolid Amended Agricultural areas
Jiquan Chen EEES Ecological Modeling
Daryl Dwyer EEES Phytoremediation
Tim Fisher EEES Reconstructing paleodune history from dune dammed lakes along the western Michigan coastline
Scott A. Heckathorn EEES "Lab experiments with Microcystis algae, field sample collecting, and physiological & biochemical analyses in the lab
Christine Mayer EEES 1) Determine how water column sediment and phytoplankton blooms affect foraging by yellow perch, and 2) why burrowing mayflies select zebra mussel colonized sediments
Daryl Moorhead EEES Biogeochemical Cycles"Plant succesion, invertabrate density and diversity
W. Von Sigler EEES Environmental transmission of antibiotic-resistant infectious agents
Alison Spongberg EEES Soil Science/Geochemistry
Donald Stierman EEES Mapping the surficial geology of the Whitehouse Quadrangle
Carol Stepien EEES Conservation Genetics
Michael N. Weintraub EEES Study the effects of invasive species on soil processes, such as nutrient cycling and decomposition

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