The color images of Egyptian quarry stones were obtained by digitally scanning polished stone slabs into either a bit map or tiff file. The slabs were placed directly on a Hewlett-Packard flatbed scanner. Small adjustments in brightness and contrast were made to the computer files using Adobe Photoshop software prior to conversion to jpeg files for viewing on the Web. Textural and color variations of the stones were remarkably well recorded by the scanner. However, the colors one actually sees will vary depending on the type and calibration of the computer monitor or printer used. Calibration corrections can be made by the using the standard color swatches for the CMY and RGB color systems that are provided on the left and right sides, respectively, of each images: cyan (C), magenta (M) and yellow (Y); and red (R), green (G) and blue (B). These are all pure, 100% intensity colors. A standard color chart can be obtained at many art and photography supply stores. Just hold the chart beside the screen and adjust the screen's color balance until the color swatches on both the chart and screen match.

Polishing of the stone slabs was done by Tri-County Marble & Granite Company, 701 Van Buren St., Fostoria, Ohio, 44830 USA (Tel: 419-435-0373).

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