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My time at the University of Toledo is spent primarily on service, research activities and teaching.

Research is primarily focused on:

1) Reconstructing the history, timing, and magnitude of discharge from the outlets of Lake Agassiz. This data can be considered baseline information for a variety of scientific disciplines. Importantly, oceanographers and climate modelers require this data to understand past climate changes (e.g. Younger Dryas) that may have been triggered by outlet switching.

2) Documenting and reconstructing paleo lake levels in the Great Lakes, specifically in the Lake Michigan basin. Work is ongoing along the western coastline of Michigan and on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan  with Dr. Ed. Hansen of Hope College, and Dr. Walt Loope of the USGS.

3) Resolving triggering mechanism to coastal sand dunes along the Great Lakes. This work requries reconstructing sand dune history as well as resolving aeolian proxy records from lakes downwind of the dunes.


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