The Philpott Lab


Members of Stacy Philpott’s lab (i.e. The ANTS lab) aim to learn about the ecology, conservation, and sustainability of agroecosystems. Most of our research takes place in Chiapas, Mexico and Ohio and a large part of our work focuses on understanding ant communities and related trophic interactions.  Please see the links above for more information on who we are, our research projects, publications, and photos of our research projects.

Information for Prospective Graduate Students

I am currently accepting highly motivated MS and Ph.D. students interested in agroecology and conservation, tropical ecology, ant ecology, urban agriculture, and biodiversity.  I am happy to advise students working both in local and international research.  Students will be expected to develop independent projects with thematic linkages to current lab projects either in tropical or temperate regions.  


If you are interested in becoming a student at the University of Toledo, please send me (stacy.philpott <at> a detailed statement about your research interests and potential thesis topics, information about your research experience, a current copy of your CV (resume), and names of three references.

Information for Undergraduate Students

Our lab has ample opportunities for learning about insect ecology and taxonomy, local food movements, and tropical biology. We are usually looking for students to do lab work during the school year and offer international and local research opportunities during the summer.  Please email me (stacy.philpott <at> if you are interested.

Contact Information

2801 W. Bancroft St., Mailstop 604

Department of Environmental Sciences

University of Toledo

Toledo, OH 43606

FAX: 419-530-4421