The physical and geologic setting for the Maryland Coastal Bays.

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  Dynamic Systems at the Land-Sea Interface

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Wallops paleochannel

Sea level rise and Bruun's rule

Figure aa.  Mean monthly precipitation.

Figure a.  Marine climate for the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Figure b. Storm wind and tide records.

Figure c. Chincoteague Bay tidal range.

Figure d.  The Wallops-Chincoteague-Pope-Green Run Island trend, an earlier, late Holocene barrier island complex.

Figure e. Regional ground-water flow.

Figure f. Maryland coast, circa 1690 to present.

Figure g.  Extensive overwash from the 1962 Ash Wednesday Storm.

Figure h.  An overwash system on Assateague Island.

Figure i.  Barrier-island geomorphology.

Figure j.  Seasonal water table