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Contaminant Hydrogeology, EEES 6440

  Instructor Class
Dr. James Martin-Hayden

Office: 3034 Bowman-Oddy

Telephone: 530-2634 (let it ring for voice mail)

Place: Bowman-Oddy 3045

Meets: Every other fall semester

Credits: 3 hrs


        Course Objective: An introduction to: 1) fundamentals of transport and fate of contamination in the subsurface; 2) terminology of the field of contaminant hydrogeology; 3) applications of hydrogeology and geochemistry to contaminant characterization, transport, transformation, degradation, and remediation; and 4) quantitative aspects (modeling contaminant transport) in order to perform computations to assess, predict, and remediate of groundwater contamination.


Required: Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology, Second edition. P.A. Domenico and F.S. Schwartz, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Reference: Applied Hydrogeology, Applied Hydrogeology, 3rd. ed. by C.W. Fetter, Macmillan College Publishing, Inc. (or other introductory hydrogeology text)

        Good Reading: A Civil Action, 1995, J. Harr, Random House.

Grading: Homework/quizzes 30%, Two exams 20% each, Final exam 30%

Course Schedule:

Week Topic

  1. Introduction to contaminant hydrogeology
  2. Source conditions and contaminant classification
  3. Contaminant concentration and analysis and presentation of contaminant data
  4. Diffusion, mechanical dispersion and hydrodynamic dispersion
  5. Transport modeling (Exam 1: Tuesday, September 22)
  6. Transport modeling (continued)
  7. Stochastic hydrogeology
  8. Sorption and retardation processes
  9. Sorption and retardation modeling
  10. Reaction and degradation processes (Exam 2: Tuesday, October 27)
  11. Reaction and degradation modeling
  12. Multiphase Flow
  13. Contamination investigations
  14. Contaminant remediation (Thanksgiving Break)
  15. Remediation (cont.)