Curriculum Vita

James M. Martin-Hayden

November 2010


*         General Information

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Toledo,

Toledo, Ohio 43606, Telephone: (419) 530-2634,  E-mail:


*         Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Geology, 1994, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut

Master of Science in Geology, 1990, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut

Bachelor of Arts in Geology, 1985, University of Maine, Orono, Maine


*         Appointments and Experience

Associate Professor, University of Toledo, Department of Environmental Sciences,     Toledo, Ohio, 2000 to present

Associate Editor, Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, Association of Ground Water Scientist and Engineers, 2002 to present

Assistant Professor, University of Toledo, Department of Geology,

Toledo, Ohio, September 17, 1994 to 2000

Environmental Analyst/Hydrogeologist, Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection,

Hartford, Connecticut, 1994

Hydrogeologist/Numerical Model Analyst, Lenard Engineering,

Storrs, Connecticut, 1989-1993

Research Assistant, U.S. EPA Research Grant, University of Connecticut,

Storrs, Connecticut, 1988-1994

Research Assistant, Water Resources Institute Research Grant, University of Connecticut,

Storrs, Connecticut, 1987-1990


*         Teaching

Courses Developed and Taught (*currently taught)

Hydrogeology, EEES 4410/5410*

Contaminant Hydrogeology, EEES 6440*

Advanced Applied Hydrogeology, EEES 6450*

Earth Materials I: Mineralogy, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology  EEES 3110*

Field Methods:  Structural Geology and Mapping, EEES 3310*

Engineering Geology, EEES 3250*

Physical Geology, EEES 1010*

Environmental Research, GEOL 6930

Water and Mineral Resources and the Environment, GEOL 2020



Individual Work with Students

M.S. Theses Supervised:

James Fisher: Evaluating the effectiveness of an evapotranspirative cover using an integrated hydrologic model at the Kin Road Landfill.  Graduated December, 2009 (coadvised with Dr. Becker)

Sara Mierzwiak: Enhanced in situ bioremediation of a trichloroethylene groundwater plume using a dilute vegetable oil emulsion Graduated August, 2008 (coadvised with Dr. Dwyer)

Jenifer Vagen: Groundwater controls on bluff erosion, coastal Lake Erie.  Graduated May 2003 (coadvised with Dr. Spongberg)

Minarovic, Raymond: Hydraulic and geochemical interactions between an engineered wetland and the underlying carbonate aquifer. Graduated July, 2000

Snyder, Lorna: Groundwater/Surface-Water Interactions of Lake Erie.  Inactive.

Bensman, Kelly: Investigationing reactive transport of pesticides using laboratory columns, revising drafts of theses (coadvised with Dr. Spongberg)

Kozak, Sharron: Hydrogeology and geochemistry of the Blue Creek drainage basin. Graduated July, 1999.

Kleinheider, Steve: Surface water groundwater interactions of Beaver Creek, Bryan Ohio. Graduated August 1998.

Forester, Kenneth:  A geochemical and flood pulse analysis through continuous electronic monitoring of springs in the Bellvue-Castalia area, north-centeral Ohio. (coadvised with Craig Hatfield) Graduated May 1997.

Li, Xiaolin: Contaminant Transport from an unlined landfill. Graduated May, 1997.

Hornberger, Brant: Wellhead protection plan for the city of Bryan, Ohio. Graduated December 1996.

Andreus, Eric: Groundwater recharge to the simiconfined carbonate aquifer near Whitehouse, Ohio. Graduated December 1996.

Tharp, Kyle: Wellhead protection plan for the village of Whitehouse, Ohio. Graduated June 1996.


Undergraduate theses supervised

Lindsay Seders: Development and applications of a finite difference model of the Oak Openings Region of northwest Ohio.  Undergraduate Honors Thesis.  Graduated June 2004 (Goldwater Scholarship recipient)

Swicegood, Daina:  Investigating Groundwater Surface Water interactions at the Stranahan Arboretum, University of Toledo.  Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Graduated August 2002.

Mersereau, Sarah: Characterizing the Hydrogeology of the Stranahan Arboretum. Undergraduate Honors project. Beginning August 1999.

 Reinker, Amy: Hydrogeological Characterizations of Contaminant Transport Pathways. Honors undergraduate Thesis.  Graduated June 1996

Zieske, Natalie: Water Budget of Blue Creek Wetland.  Undergraduate summer research participation program thesis. Graduated June 1996

Spera, Shelly: Geochemical Characterizations of Blue Creek Wetland and Groundwater. Undergraduate summer research participation program thesis. Graduated June 1996



*         Research and Scholarship


Fisher, T.G., Weyer, K.A., Boudreau, A.M., Martin-Hayden, J.M., Krantz, D: Constraining Holocene-aged lake levels and coastal dune activity in the Lake Michigan Basin. Journal of Paleolimnology, published online: 07 September 2010.

Martin-Hayden, J.M. and Britt, S.L.  Revealing the black box of groundwater sampling: effects of well-bore flow and mixing.  Proceedings (refereed) of the 2006 North American Environmental Field Conference and Exposition: Advances in Environmental Site Characterization and Monitoring Technology, January 10-12, 2006, University Of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Martin-Hayden, J.M. Groundwater Resources and Hydrogeology of the Maumee River Drainage Basin. Lake Links, Legal Institute of the Great Lakes, pp. 5-6, Fall/Winter 2003.

Martin-Hayden, J.M. and N.B. Wolfe.  A novel view of well-bore flow and partial mixing: digital image analyses. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, v.20, no. 4, pp. 96-103, Fall 2000.

Skirta, E.A., E.M. Weber, J.M. Martin-Hayden, and L.A. Ostrovsky. Time-frequency analysis of Lake Erie surface elevations.  Proceedings, International Workshop on Statistical Modeling, Technological University of Graz, Austria, pp. 673-678, July 1999.  (Refereed proceedings)

Martin-Hayden, J.M., R.J. Minarovic, E.S. Andreus, and S.L Kozak.  Carbonate aquifer recharge in western Lucas County, northwest Ohio. The Ohio Journal of Science, v.99, no. 4., December 1999.

Martin-Hayden, J.M.  Sample concentration response to laminar well-bore flow: implications to ground-water data variability. Ground Water,  v.38, no. 1, pp. 12-19, January-February 2000.

Martin-Hayden, J.M.  Controlled laboratory investigations of well-bore concentration response to pumping.  Ground Water,  v.38, no. 1, pp. 121-128, January-February 2000.

Spongberg, A.L. and J.M. Martin-Hayden.  Pesticide stratification in an engineered wetland delta.  Environmental Science and Technology, v.31, no.11, pp. 3161-3165, November 1997.

Martin-Hayden, J.M. and G.A. Robbins.  Plume distortion and apparent attenuation due to concentration averaging in monitoring wells.  Ground Water, v.35, no. 2, pp. 339-347, March-April 1997.

Martin-Hayden, J.M., 1994. The groundwater sampling process: The physical elements influencing data representativeness and variability. Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Geology, University of Connecticut-Storrs.

Martin-Hayden, J.M., G.A. Robbins, and R.D. Bristol. 1991. Mass balance evaluation of monitoring well purging: Part II. Field tests at a gasoline contamination site. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 8, no. 3/4: 225-241.

Robbins, G.A., and J.M. Martin-Hayden. 1991. Mass balance evaluation of monitoring well purging. Part I: Theoretical models and implications for representative sampling. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 8, no. 3/4: 203-224.

Abstracts in Conference Proceedings

Campbell, M., Fisher, T.G., Martin-Hayden, J.M., and Goble, R.J., 2009. The evolution of the Lake Warren coastline in the Oak Openings Region in northwest Ohio, USA.  International Association of Great Lakes Research Annual Meeting, May 19-22, Toledo, OH.

Martin-Hayden, J.M., Fisher, T.G., Weyer, K. 2008. Temporal correction and spectral analysis of termporal sand signals from embayed lakes east of Lake Michigan.  North Central section meeting, Geological Society of America, Abstracts with programs, April 24-25, Vol. 40, No. 5.

Campbell, M., Fisher, T.G., Weyer, K. 2008.  Temporal correction and spectral analysis of temporal sand signals from embayed lakes east of Lake Michigan.  North central sectional meeting, Geological Society of America, Abstracts with programs, April 24-25, Vol. 40, No. 5.

Martin-Hayden, J.M. Characteristics of thermal instability within groundwater monitoring wells.  Geological Society of America National Convention, Boston Massachusetts.  October 2001. (National meeting)

Martin-Hayden, J.M. Distortion of ground-water data due to thermal convection of well-bore water. National Ground Water Association Annual Convention, Nashville Tennessee.  December 2001. (National meeting)

Young, M.A. and Martin-Hayden. J.M. Investigations locating hydraulic and geochemical influences of upwelling groundwater in Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie.  Geological Society of America 1998 Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada.  Abstracts with Programs, October, 1998 (National meeting)

Martin-Hayden, J.M. and N.B. Wolfe. A digital photographic analysis of internal monitoring well flow and mixing. In: Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 1998 Spring Meeting, v. 79, no. 17, April 28, 1998, p. S154. (National Meeting)

Minarovic, R.J. Jr. and J.M. Martin-Hayden. Three-dimensional finite difference groundwater flow model of an engineered wetland within the Maumee River watershed of northwest Ohio. In: Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union 1998 Spring Meeting, v. 79, no. 17, April 28, 1998, p. S75. (National Meeting)



Britt S., Martin-Hayden, J.M., Plummer M., and Parker, L. An Assessment of Aquifer/Well Flow Dynamics: Identification of Parameters Key to Passive Sampling.  Grant Funded by U.S. Dept. of Defense and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SERDP program in the amount of $1,299,031 (UT portion $120,229)

Martin-Hayden, J.M., Fisher, T.G., and Stierman, D. Surficial Geology of the Whitehouse Quadrangle, Ohio.  Grant Funded by USGS EDMAP program in the amount of $42,479.

Dwyer, D., Gottgens, J., Apul, D., and Martin-Hayden, J.M. Phytoremediation Plant Research, Design of a Passive Biological Treatment System for Arsenic.  2007-2010, Grant funded by USDA CSREES in the amount of $728,882.

Martin-Hayden, J.M.. Lake Erie Groundwater Influx and Cycling: Monitoring, Modeling and Prediction of Physical, Chemical and Biological Influences. Funded by Research Awards and Fellowship Program, University of Toledo in the amount of $8,844 for the period May, 2000 - August, 2000.

Martin-Hayden, J.M. and Skirta, E. (Department of Mathematics) CO-PIs. Hydraulic, Geochemical and Biological Influences of Up-Welling Groundwater in Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie..  Funded by the Lake Erie Center for Research and Education Summer Fellowship Program in the amount of $15,000.  Period covered: May, 1998 - December 1998.

Martin-Hayden, J.M. and Spongberg, A.L. Pesticide transport, water balance, and geochemical characterization of the Blue Creek watershed.  Funded by Ohio Board of Regents Research Challenge in the amount of $22,018 for the period June, 1996 - June, 1997.

Spongberg, A.L., Gottgens, J., Leisner S., Martin-Hayden, J.M., and Sinsabaugh, R.Viral pathogen and herbicide fate and transport in agricultural soil and runoff. Funded by USDA Special Grants Program in the amount of $158,747  for the  period: July, 1995 - June, 1997.

Martin-Hayden, J.M., and Spongberg, A.L (Co-PIs). Analysis of Pesticide Transport Pathways and Degradation in Engineered Wetlands. Funded by the United States Department of Agriculture National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program in the amount of $74,834 (UT contribution $36,879) for the period July, 1995 - June 1997.

*  Professional Memberships  

Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers

American Geophysical Union

Geological Society of America