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James M. Martin-Hayden


Masterís Theses Supervised: under supervision and completed (*indicates completion)

    Tharp, Kyle: Wellhead protection plan for the village of Whitehouse, Ohio. Graduated June 1996.*

    Andreus, Eric: Groundwater recharge to the simiconfined carbonate aquifer near Whitehouse, Ohio. Graduated December 1996.*

    Hornberger, Brant: Wellhead protection plan for the city of Bryan, Ohio. Graduated December 1996.*

    Li, Xiaolin: Contaminant Transport from an unlined landfill. Graduated May 1997.*

    Forester, Kenneth: A geochemical and flood pulse analysis through continuous electronic monitoring of springs in the Bellvue-Castalia area, north-centeral Ohio. (coadvised with Craig Hatfield) Graduated May 1997.*

    Kocher, Andrew: Hydrology of post-glacial beach ridges. Performing thesis research.

    Kozak, Sharron: Hydrogeology and geochemistry of the Blue Creek drainage basin. Final draft of thesis in revision.

    Minarovic, Raymond: Hydraulic and geochemical interactions between an engineered wetland and the underlying carbonate aquifer. Final draft of thesis in revision.

    Schroeder, Timothy: Hydrology of an engineered wetland. Performing thesis research.

    Zieske, Natalie: The effects of borehole flow on representative groundwater sampling. Performing thesis research.

    Jakutowicz, Nicholas: Groundwater seepage erosion gullies of the central Oak Openings region Northwest Ohio. Performing thesis research.

    Kleinheider, Steve: Surface water groundwater interactions of Beaver Creek, Bryan Ohio. Performing thesis research.*

    Kusina, Nicholas: Hydrogeology of an abandoned landfill Bryan, Ohio. Performing thesis research.

    Young, Matthew: Groundwater/surface water interactions with Lake Erie. Performing thesis reseach.

Undergraduate theses supervise

    Reinker, Amy: Hydrogeological Characterizations of Contaminant Transport Pathways. Proposal for honors undergraduate summer research. Graduated June 1996

    Zieske, Natalie: Water Budget of Blue Creek Wetland. Proposal for undergraduate summer research participation program. Graduated June 1996

    Geochemical Characterizations of Blue Creek Wetland and Groundwater. Proposal for undergraduate summer research participation program. Graduated June 1996